University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

2017 Picture Location Identification Competition Recipients

First-Place: Xiang Ye (University at Buffalo)

Second-Place: Song Gao (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Third-Place: Wei Luo (Northern Illinois University)

Guess the Location
- Picture Location Identification Competition

We have successfully finished the member pictures identification activity and three winners were selected.
We will announce the winners on our 25th-anniversary conference at Buffalo.

We appreciated all members who submitted pictures and/or who submitted their identification results.
It is them who made this activity success!
Thank you for your great and beautiful pictures and congratulations to all winners!

All pictures' locations were added to the pictures on both China website and abroad website. Please go to the website to browse and enjoy them first. We will display all pictures with location names during the conference at Buffalo.

Members who submitted the pictures to us PLEASE go to the website to check all pictures that you submitted to make sure we correctly added the location names.
Please, let us know if you found any errors or mistakes.
We appreciated your kind contribution to our activity, the 25th-anniversary conference, and CPGIS.

From China:
Outside China:

Thank you all,

See you all at Buffalo.

Interesting pictures provided by members are now on-line. Please identify the location of these pictures to win awards. We are very much thankful to our members who provided pictures to support this fun competition.


1st Place: $100
2nd Place: $50
3rd Place: $50


1. The award winners are decided based on
a. The number of pictures with correctly identified locations.
b. The time when the picture identification is submitted to us (earlier is better).
2. Members who provided pictures to support this competition will get a bonus: half of the provided pictures will be counted as correctly identified pictures in the competition.

Submission Guideline:

1. Use the "Picture Identification" format below to fill in picture ID, Scene (or Location) Name, City, State (or Province), and Country, for example:
01_01: Karl Max's former residence, Trier, Germany OR 德国特里尔市卡尔马克思故居.
2. The Scene (or Location) name can be in English, Chinese, or both.
3. Submission deadline: June 18th, 2017 to If you want to win the award, open the link below and start to identify locations :)

Members from China:

Members outside China:
After you open the link, click any picture, on the right top of the picture page, click . In the right panel, you will see the picture's name, e.g. 01_01.JPG.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Picture Identification ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
01_01: Karl Max's former residence, Trier, Germany OR 德国特里尔市卡尔马克思故居

Activity Procedures:

1. Collect pictures from members who provide the correct name of the place where the picture was taken by member.
2. Our sub-committee will select 60 qualified pictures and posted them on a public accessible online website.
3. Call for all members to check the website to recognize the pictures and give the names of the places where the pictures were taken. Members have to send us a spreadsheet to list the recognized pictures' numbers and the corresponding names of the places where the pictures were taken.
4. The top three members who correctly named the most of pictures will be awarded on the CPGIS night, the total award will be not less than 200 US dollars.
5. The final 60 pictures with correct names of the places and members, who provide the pictures, will be uploaded to an online album. A link on the CPGIS website will direct CPGIS members to the album to browse, refer, make notes on them for fun and research after the conference.

Activities Rules:

CPGIS members please send up to 5 pictures to with the following requirements:
1. The members have to appear on the picture OR the pictures have to be taken by member him/herself.
2. Pictures are interesting and meaningful natural scenes with specific geographic features, including historic scenes.
3. The picture must be in the format of png or jpg.
4. The picture file name must be in the format of "FirstnameLastname_PlaceName.png", place name need include scene name, province/state and country.
5. Submitters must send us a brief description for each picture about the geographic features in the picture (note: this will be served as one of qualification criteria).

Important Dates:

Pictures submission deadline: April 16th (Sunday), 2017
Pictures available online: May 21st (Sunday), 2017
Recognized pictures list submission deadline: June 18th (Sunday), 2017
Top three winners announcement and award: August 2nd (Wednesday), 2017 at Buffalo, NY, USA.

采风集 Committee

Chair: Aijun Chen
Co-Chair: Nengcheng Chen
Members: Le Wang, Anrong Dang, Peisheng Zhao, Yuqi Bai, Zeqiang Chen