The Flu Survey

Most of us have suffered through the flu. For others, it can be a life or death situation. It is estimated that flu associated deaths range from 3,000 to 48,000 a year in the United States. In light of this, researchers at the University at Buffalo are asking for your help with a National Institutes of Health funded survey that will help identify effective strategies to control flu epidemics.

Participation of the Entire Household

The survey is intended to be completed by all members of your household. For the purpose of this study, a household means all people living in the same house or apartment as you (e.g. family members or roommates). Due to federal regulations regarding minors, we ask that you complete the survey on behalf of any of your minor children (ages 0-17). Children 13 to 17 may complete the survey on their own with parent/guardian permission. Each smartphone user who fully participates will earn a minimum of $50. Please note that if you BEGIN participating beyond January 9th, it is no longer possible to reach the minimum 2,000 points required to earn the award incentive. However, we still welcome your participation and valuable contribution to this study. Visit our Awards page for more details.

The deadline to enroll is December 18, 2016,Sunday

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